Parenting Classes


One of the ways Tiny Town nursery stays connected to the families of the children is through our parenting and family relationship classes. While early education is our main focus, we believe in the wellness of the whole child. A child’s success also involves the family to make sure all the child’s needs are being met . To help parents feel confident and thrive in their parenting role our certified positive discipline educators , Ms.Iman Awny & Ms.Shaimaa Shawkat lead classes on such topics as the importance of a father’s role in parenting, why children misbehave and how to improve communication amongst the entire family. Our goal is for the entire family to have the tool, resources and services to strengthen their family and become better citizens in their respective community.



  • For any parent or family member who is interested in the well being of their child.
  • At various times, often in the evening so parents can attend after work.
  • Motivating, positive and effective.
  • Taught certified positive discipline educators ( Ms. Shaimaa shawkat –Ms/Iman Awny ) or other partnering organizations.